Haunting final message of YouTube star Paulo Cezar Goulart Siqueira before death at 37

A Brazilian social media personality and TV presenter has been found dead aged 37, just two days after a chilling final post.

The YouTuber was discovered by his ex-girlfriend in his São Paulo home on Wednesday afternoon, Brazilian outlet o Globo reported.

The death of Paulo Cezar Goulart Siqueira, known as PC Siqueira online, comes as he was being investigated by police for an alleged history of sharing images of child abuse.

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The influencer, who had more than two million subscribers on YouTube was known for working in comic book colouring, presenting and TV appearances on shows such as MTV Brasil, PlayTV, and TBS Brasil.

According to local police Siqueira died by suicide.

Brazilian social media star and TV presenter Paulo Cezar Goulart Siqueira has died. Credit: pecesiqueira_backup/Instagram

His ex-girlfriend, who was not named, confirmed to police that she and Siqueira had continued living together despite ending their romantic relationship two days before his death.

She confirmed he had been drinking alcohol, mixing it with prescription drugs, and was “drugged” the day of his death.

Describing him on the day of his death, the woman said Siqueira was in a state of aggression before his death.

The day came two days after a concerning social media post from Siqueira about his “loneliness”.

Paulo Cezar Goulart Siqueira’s final Instagram post. Credit: Instagram

“I want to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone there, especially to the people who, like me, will not celebrate and will spend it as if it were any other day,” he said on Monday.

“Merry lonely Christmas to you, happy lonely New Year to you too. We are together. We are not alone.”

The death came weeks after an update on the investigation into Siqueira for allegedly sharing child abuse images, O Globo reported.

Brazil’s Public Security Secretariat said earlier in December: “The case continues to be investigated by the 4th Paedophilia Repression Police Station of the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection.

“Details about the progress of the investigation will be preserved, due to the secrecy decreed by the Court.”

Paulo Cezar Goulart Siqueira was being investigated for child abuse imagery. Credit: pecesiqueira_backup/Instagram

Local media reported that Siqueira allegedly shared images of a six-year-old child on June 10, 2020.

Siqueira temporarily deactivated his YouTube channel after providing a statement to police, according to O Globo.

The following year in 2021, the Superintendence of the Technical-Scientific Police of the Public Security Secretariat of Sao Paulo said it had no evidence against the YouTuber to incriminate him.

Local media also reported that Siqueira was also saved from a suicide attempt in March 2023.

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